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How to Cook Steak Perfectly Every Single Time

This can be a detailed information to cooking steaks, however don’t fret or really feel overwhelmed. Our purpose is to take the intimidation out of cooking steaks and empower you to be the chef of your individual kitchen and wow everybody, together with your self, with a restaurant-quality steak you may simply make at residence. Skim the information to seek out solutions to your questions or learn throughout to turn out to be a steak professional.

Why Our Information

  • Easy directions for each a part of the method, together with a video demonstration.
  • Three widespread strategies: traditional stove-to-oven, reverse sear, and butter basting.
  • It’s all the things it’s essential know and extra, with extra simplified guides for every particular reduce of steak.

An overhead view of the 5 most common cuts of steak, all raw on parchment paper. An overhead view of the 5 most common cuts of steak, all raw on parchment paper.

Cuts of Steak

What reduce of steak you make will depend on what you want in a steak. There are 5 predominant steak choices, every a bit bit totally different of their texture and tenderness.

Porterhouse and T-Bone

What’s it? Porterhouse and T-Bone steaks are comparable cuts of beef that come from the quick loin. These cuts each have a T-shaped bone within the center and include two totally different items of meat: tenderloin and strip steak. Porterhouse steaks are reduce from the rear finish of the quick loin and include a bigger portion of the tenderloin, whereas T-Bone steaks are reduce from the entrance finish and include a smaller portion of the tenderloin.

Why use it? This steak offers you two totally different steaks in a single! One facet is tremendous meaty (the ribeye), the opposite tender (the tenderloin). The bone within the center retains issues cooking evenly.

Ribeye and Tomahawks

What’s it? Ribeye is a beef steak that’s reduce from the rib space, between ribs six by way of twelve. It’s a flavorful, marbled piece of beef that yields a really tender outcome when cooked scorching and quick. You should purchase each bone-in and boneless ribeye steak. For a large, widespread steak for a formidable feast, you may typically discover Tomahawk ribeyes with the lengthy rib bone nonetheless connected.

Why use it? The marbling of fats on this steak yields a melt-in-your-mouth steak when cooked appropriately. The bone-in selection will assist the steak prepare dinner extra evenly. This can be a fattier reduce of steak that pickier eaters won’t admire.

New York Strip

What’s it? New York Strip steak is a lean reduce of beef from the quick loin space. It’s one facet of the porterhouse or T-bone steak and is all the time served boneless.

Why use it? This can be a lean reduce of beef steak with little fats. It is a wonderful selection for mass enchantment.

Prime Sirloin

What’s it? Prime Sirloin comes from the again space persevering with off the quick loin space. Prime sirloin has bones and the underside spherical muscle mass eliminated.

Why use it? This can be a cheaper reduce of steak that may nonetheless yield a young and flavorful outcome. This reduce of steak is greatest fitted to marinating and is a extra budget-conscious steak possibility.

Filet Mignon

What’s it? Filet mignon comes from the small tip portion of the tenderloin.

Why use it? That is probably the most tender piece of beef steak and remains to be fairly lean. It’s a expensive possibility, however the ensuing melt-in-your-mouth tenderness is unparalleled.

Particular person steak guides

Grades of Beef

Beef bought in the USA is evaluated by USDA meat graders who use a mix of subjective assessments and digital devices to measure meat traits utilizing official grade standards. Beef is graded in two main methods: high quality grades, which assess tenderness, juiciness, and taste, and yield grades, which measure the quantity of usable lean meat.

There are three grades of beef steak that you’ll generally discover in grocery shops in the USA: Choose, Alternative, and Prime. These grades assist decide the standard of the meat, and grocery shops and butchers will mark the grade on the packaging or show it behind the meat counter. Whereas there’s a vary of high quality inside every grade, understanding these fundamental distinctions can assist you make an informed buy.

  • Choose Grade: Typically the grade of sale-priced or marketed meats, Choose grade is a step above what the USDA deems edible for human consumption. This grade could be very uniform in high quality and usually leaner than the upper grades. Choose beef is pretty tender however could lack a number of the juiciness and taste present in greater grades attributable to much less marbling. Choose grades of beef steaks typically profit from marinades and can be upgraded by utilizing a resting butter.
  • Alternative Grade: This mid-level grade of beef is right for a top quality steak made at residence, and is usually what you discover in a Steakhouse. Alternative beef is top quality, with much less marbling than Prime however nonetheless loads to make sure tenderness, juiciness, and taste. In our opinion, it’s all the time price paying the additional cash per pound for Alternative grade. When you’re making a steak, make it a pleasant one—it would nonetheless be cheaper than ordering one in a restaurant.
  • Prime Grade: Produced from younger, well-fed beef cattle, Prime grade beef has ample marbling (the quantity of fats interspersed with lean meat). Whereas eating places aren’t required to reveal what grade of beef they use, Prime grades are sometimes particularly famous on the menu. Not each grocery retailer carries Prime grades of steak, however you may typically discover them in high-end grocery shops. They’re best to seek out in precise butcher retailers. Prime presents the perfect in tenderness, juiciness, and taste, making them the best choice for a premium steak expertise at residence, however they do value considerably extra.
  • Moreover, there are Normal and Industrial grades, which are sometimes bought as ungraded or store-brand meat, and Utility, Cutter, and Canner grades, that are not often bought at retail however are used to make floor beef and processed merchandise.

Purchase Alternative or Prime Grade steaks for greatest outcomes.

A hand holding two different steaks of different thicknesses. A hand holding two different steaks of different thicknesses.


The thickness of your steak issues. Thick steaks prepare dinner extra evenly, are extra juicy, and are a lot simpler to work with. Goal for a steak that’s at the least 1-inch thick. A thicker reduce offers you extra management over reaching the proper sear with out overcooking the within. It additionally supplies extra time for the flavors to develop. Thinner steaks, however, are extra vulnerable to drying out and might shortly turn out to be overcooked, making them much less forgiving for reaching the perfect doneness. By selecting steaks which can be at the least 1-inch thick, you may get pleasure from a extra flavorful, tender, and juicy eating expertise.

Bone-in vs Boneless

There’s an countless debate amongst foodies about whether or not steaks are higher bone-in or boneless, or whether or not or not it issues in any respect. Those that advocate for bone-in say that the flavorful marrow from the bone will seep into your meat whereas cooking, providing you with a extra flavorful outcome.

What everybody can agree on is that bone-in DOES influence the cooking time of your steak. The bone adjustments the way in which the warmth is distributed whereas cooking. It really helps your steak prepare dinner extra evenly and provides you a bit extra leeway with overcooking. Bone-in steaks would require an extended cooking time as a result of the bone insulates the meat surrounding it. It takes a bit extra time for the warmth to penetrate the inside, however as soon as it does it spreads out evenly.

tl;dr Buying Information

  • Purchase selection or prime grades of steak for greatest outcomes. It’s labeled on the package deal.
  • Bone-in or boneless are each nice choices. Don’t overthink it.
  • Undoubtedly purchase a thicker steak that’s a minimal of 1-inch in thickness so that you don’t dry it out or overcook it.

A graphic chart of steak doneness temperatures and feel. A graphic chart of steak doneness temperatures and feel.

Steak Doneness

Whether or not you want your steak virtually uncooked on the plate, or dry as a bone, this steak doneness chart ought to make it easier to out. The chef’s customary stage of doneness is medium-rare. At this level it will probably be tender, and juicy, and in the event you do it excellent the steak will soften in your mouth. Each steak has a distinct cooking time as a result of various thicknesses of the cuts.

Instantaneous-Learn Thermometers

Utilizing an instant-read thermometer is much and away the best choice for making certain accuracy.  It takes the guesswork out of figuring out doneness, making certain your steak is cooked precisely to your choice. To make use of it, merely insert the probe into the thickest a part of the steak, avoiding any bones or fats. The thermometer will give an correct studying in seconds, letting you recognize in case your steak has reached the specified inside temperature. Simply attempt to not poke too many holes in your steak as you’ll discover once you accomplish that that juices run out.

Cooking Steaks By Really feel: “The Thumb Take a look at”

Not everybody has an instant-read thermometer and we perceive. With time and expertise you may study to evaluate a steak’s stage of doneness by really feel alone. We’ll go over “the thumb check”, however simply observe that it is extremely tough to grasp cooking steaks by contact.

  • Uncommon ought to really feel very delicate and yielding. Calmly contact your thumb to your index finger and really feel the fleshy space underneath your thumb. It ought to really feel very delicate, much like the texture of uncooked meat.
  • Medium-Uncommon ought to really feel delicate with a little bit of resistance. Calmly contact your thumb to your center finger and really feel the identical space underneath your thumb. It ought to really feel barely firmer, however nonetheless delicate.
  • Medium ought to really feel agency however with some give. Calmly contact your thumb to your ring finger and really feel the world underneath your thumb. It ought to really feel firmer and extra springy.
  • Medium-Effectively ought to really feel agency with little or no give. Calmly contact your thumb to your pinky finger and really feel the world underneath your thumb. It ought to really feel fairly agency with little or no softness.
  • Effectively-Executed ought to really feel very agency with no give. Squeeze your thumb to your palm tightly and really feel the world underneath your thumb. It ought to really feel very agency, much like well-done meat.
An overhead view of two strip steaks in a cast iron skillet. An overhead view of two strip steaks in a cast iron skillet.

Cooking Strategies

There are a number of widespread strategies for cooking steaks and it’s price overlaying all three so you may make an knowledgeable resolution. We’ve supplied directions for all three in our printable recipe. Right here is an preliminary overview as to what every technique is and why you’d use it. These strategies work with all cuts of beef steaks and there may be not one that’s notably higher for any reduce of steak.

Stovetop to Oven

This can be a customary culinary college technique that’s the simplest way to comply with for any residence prepare dinner. The steaks begin out being seared in a scorching skillet after which end cooking within the oven. That is such a easy, simple strategy that it’s the one we advocate for these looking for to prepare dinner the proper steak each single time.

Butter Basting

This technique could be very hands-on, nevertheless it’s fairly apparent why one may wish to take the time to prepare dinner their steak in butter: it’s scrumptious! Butter basting seeks to take care of the moisture of the steaks by way of continuously overlaying them in fats whereas additionally infusing them with the flavors of aromatics usually contemporary herbs and garlic. This technique can get a bit tough to find out doneness and prepare dinner your steak evenly

Reverse Sear

That is an more and more widespread technique to make use of, particularly for bigger portions of steaks, like catering or cooking for a crowd. The steaks are initially baked at a decrease temperature. As soon as they attain inside 10-15 levels of your goal inside temperature for doneness, they’re then seared in a scorching skillet or on a grill. One of many different main advantages of reverse searing is that this technique cooks steaks probably the most evenly with an excellent crust.


Yard outside grilling is a well-liked selection as a result of not solely does it give steaks an unparalleled smokey fireplace taste, it additionally tends to be a social affair. Consuming is supposed to be a social affair and when it additionally entails an open flame, the meals simply tastes higher. We now have a separate guide for grilling steaks that will help you with a number of the extra daunting particulars like utilizing several types of grills and which steaks are most probably to trigger flair-ups.


Just like grilling, smoking steak is an more and more widespread selection as pellet grills have turn out to be extra out there and widespread. You’ll find them in all places these days! Smoking makes use of a low and gradual technique just like the reverse sear, besides on this case, the meat absorbs flavorful smoke earlier than being seared. You possibly can study all about smoking steaks to perfection with this guide to smoked steaks.

tl;dr Cooking Strategies

  • Stovetop to oven is the best and fool-proof technique most residence cooks can grasp on the primary attempt.
  • Strive butter basting if you wish to go all out or simply use a resting butter for the same impact with out the effort.
  • Reverse sear for probably the most even cooking and nice for cooking for a crowd.
  • Grilling and smoking add ranges of taste you may’t get some other method.

Resting Your Steak

When a steak cooks, its juices are pushed in the direction of the middle as a result of warmth. When you reduce into the steak instantly after cooking, these juices will spill out, leading to a drier piece of meat. Permitting the steak to relaxation for about 5-10 minutes offers the juices time to redistribute evenly all through the meat. This resting interval additionally permits the fibers within the meat to chill out, making the steak extra tender and simpler to chop.

Resting Butters and Marinades

Marinades on steaks are reserved for the much less tender cuts of steaks like sirloin or Choose grades of beef. Simply because a steak is decrease high quality or leaner doesn’t imply it will probably’t nonetheless be an awesome steak. Steak marinades are designed to assist tenderize the meat and add taste.

Resting butters are a kind of compound butter which can be particularly designed to be used with resting meats. The concept is to sandwich your steak in between flavored butter through the resting course of. You should use a traditional French-inspired compound butter for resting, or use our widespread Cowboy Butter for including some extra smokey, spicy, warmth to your steaks.

Resting Butter

10 minutes

Degree up your meat recreation to restaurant-quality perfection with our tried and true resting butter recipe from our licensed meat professional. Excellent for any meat with a resting time from steaks and pork chops, to rooster and fish. It could simply be made in massive portions and frozen for later use.

That’s it! You need to have all the things it’s essential know to prepare dinner the proper steak at residence each single time. For a visible reference, watch the video beneath the place Rachel will stroll you thru each step, displaying you the way to make a restaurant-quality steak with ease at residence.

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